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Elvin Heng July 2, 2000 20:59

3D Pipe Model for Fluent4.5
Can anyone help?

I am trying to generate a 3-d structured mesh using Gambit. The objective is to model multiphase flow in a 3-d pipe in Fluent4.5. I've tried: (1) Generating a mapped volume mesh in Gambit (not suitable for Fluent4.5) (2) Decomposing the geometry into two half cylinders and joining the meshed volumes (3) Extruding a face mesh to create a volume. None of these have worked because rotationally cyclic 3D geometries need (a) Z-axis as the centreline (b) a finite Inner Radius (which eliminates the possible use of a symmetry boundary for a half cylinder)

Can anyone help recommend a way of generating a 3-d cylindrical structured mesh for a simple pipe geometry to be used in Fluent4.5? Thanks.


John C. Chien July 3, 2000 10:09

Re: 3D Pipe Model for Fluent4.5
(1). I am not using the code. But I think you can first generate a 2-D structured mesh and rotate it along the axis to generate a 3-D structured mesh. (2). Similar to the cylindrical coordinates system. First, in the z-r plane, you create a long rectangular domain and generate a structured mesh. Then, define the axis, and rotate the domain and the mesh to create the 3-D structured mesh for the pipe.

David Minns July 3, 2000 12:12

Re: 3D Pipe Model for Fluent4.5

I assume from your email address that you are from a university ? If so then for a discounted rate (800GBP) you could purchase a new mesh generation tool. If you have a regular requirement for fully structured meshes then investing in ICEM CFD ( could save you a lot of time in the long term. You could then also use your mesh with any of the 100 supported solver formats.

I hope this helps and good luck



Shyam Kishor July 3, 2000 14:25

Re: 3D Pipe Model for Fluent4.5
The best structured mesh for such a domain would be an O -type mesh. You can create such a mesh in Gambit with few steps : 1) Divide the cylindericl volume in four volumes using a brick, 2) ensure that two of the volumes are "disconnected" at one interface 3) mesh each volume with wedge/hex elements.

Please see the "FAQ" available through online help of Gambit, for more details along with a sample journal file.

Jin-Wook LEE July 3, 2000 19:49

Re: 3D Pipe Model for Fluent4.5
Dear Elvin

I think that you can acheive your purpose by using following commands, by 'text user interface' of Fluent 4.x.

S1(setup 1) --> MG(Manipulate Grid) -> 3D-from-2D

S1 --> MG --> SWAP IJK (if necessary)

S1 --> MG --> SWAP XYZ (if necessary)

Sincerely, Jinwook

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