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Phil July 13, 2000 10:42

I am working on a Windows NT- Workstation with 128 MB RAM. Because of problems during the meshing of complex geometries I am thinking about buying 128 MB. I only want to know if this changes a lot, because sometimes my PC shuts down and Gambit says that a fatal error occured, and I think there is no reason for this message!


Pierluigi Allegro July 13, 2000 15:34

Re: Hardware
Gambit is not stable! If it finds an error making a mesh, it gives this error. I suggest to motitor what it is doing. Memory is better, this is right! With 128MB i suppose than you can have mashes like 250.000 nodes so it depends from your simulation. I'm working whith 600.000 nodes and 256MB . By.

Kai Kang July 13, 2000 16:15

Re: Hardware
approx. 1000 nodes = 1 MB memory... you can increase the page file size but that will be so slow.

Gambit sometime just hang up there on NT if there is something wrong with the geometry to mesh...

Scott Gilmore July 16, 2000 23:07

Re: Hardware
Make sure you are running Gambit 1.2.4 or later. Some memory management problems were fixed in 1.2.4. The current release is 1.3.0, and it can be downloaded from Fluent's User Services Center (if you have registered for an account).

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