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Sebastien DANIEL July 14, 2000 07:49

animation from .cas/.dat file
Hi all, After an unsteady simulation I would like to create an animation in the display panel from a .dat file. I can use the hardcopy panel but it is friendly so I ask to the forum if it is possible to use an other way from a .dat file. Thank

Flav July 27, 2000 09:59

Re: animation from .cas/.dat file
You can use a scheme file to automatically open each data file and perform the hardcopy files you need. In fact, it is very usefull if you have a lot of .dat files, because it takes a long time to do it manually... Afterwards, you will be able to generate an animation from the pictures you created.

Sebastien DANIEL July 28, 2000 02:21

Re: animation from .cas/.dat file
Merci du coup de main pour l'animation en .dat. Est ce qu il existe ce scheme file dans Fluent ou faut il le creer soi meme.

Merci encore.


Flav July 28, 2000 02:58

Re: animation from .cas/.dat file
regarde ton mail...

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