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Alberto July 14, 2000 13:00

Porous media

I am trying to introduce a porous media zone in my problem of natural circulation. I know the pressure drop in this zone. But when I am trying to introduce the porous media zone, I have this error message:

Error: Internal error at line 562 in file 'amgif.c'. divergence detected in AMG solver Error Object: ()

Could anyone help me?

Maybe anyone knows what FLUENT tutorial treats this problem.

Thank you

Rüdiger Schwarze July 15, 2000 16:19

Re: Porous media
Your problem isn't stable - some of the variables change rapidly and the solution doesn't converge. May be You will have success by reducing the relaxation factors.

Gualtiero Guadagni July 17, 2000 03:14

Re: Porous media
Please note that you cannot use the PISO scheme with porous medium.

Alberto July 17, 2000 03:34

Re: Porous media
Thank you very much,

I have use another discretization scheme, and it works.

Thank you once more

patxi July 20, 2000 05:47

Re: Porous media
You also have to take in account that if the drop pressure is big - you should run Fluent in double precision


fluent -2ddp

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