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Prateep Chatterjee July 18, 2000 11:17

Hard Linking Face Meshes ??
Hi !

I'm trying to hard link two face meshes so that periodic boundary conditions can be implemented. The problem arises after I hard link the faces. I do it before I create the volume. The stitch volume command fails. It complains of mesh links being present and asks them to be removed first. If I do it the other way: create a volume first and then try to hard link the faces, I get a 'inconsistent lower topology' error.

The transcript:

ERR[5124] faces face.48 and face.49 have inconsistent lower topology ............

(this comes when I've already created the volume)

ERR[6237] Can't operate on face face.48 because it is linked for meshing. Please remove links.

(this comes when I've already created the mesh links)

Any help would be appreciated.



Shyam Kishor July 18, 2000 17:33

Re: Hard Linking Face Meshes ??
At present, geometric operations are not allowed on hard linked entities. So, you must create the volume first, before hard linking the faces.

As for the error about inconsistent topology : the general restriction with hard linking is that lower topology for a given entity can not be linked to itself. For instance, two end-point virtices of an edge can not be linked. Please make sure that you have picked correct face - vetex combination to specify the link. You should contact your Fluent support engineer for help, if needed.

Gambit 1.4 (to be released later this year) will have much improved mesh linking, that includes removal of some of these restrictions.

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