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Ales Skotak July 19, 2000 01:49

Pathlines displaying
My computations of water turbines are almost always carried out in multiple rotating frames of refference (more fluids). One of the fluids is rotating, and the rest is stationary. Haw can I mannage to display the pathlines in all frames tohether in the absolute system and how to do the same in relative system?

Pavel Strasak July 19, 2000 05:57

Re: Pathlines displaying
For pathlines (no discrete phase) you must choose in Report, Reference Values an avaiable fluid zone, eg. stationary or rotating.


Tom July 19, 2000 10:36

Re: Pathlines displaying
If you use discrete phase, you must type
:define>models>dpm>tracking>track-in-absolute-frame from the text console. For pathlines, as Pavel said.

Ales Skotak July 20, 2000 05:16

Re: Pathlines displaying
Many thanks for your advices.

I does not help. I am not maybe skilful enough. The pathlines in my FLUENT 5.3 apear alwayes as a relative in rotating fluid and as a absolute in stationary fluid. Can you advice?

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