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Sebastien DANIEL July 19, 2000 07:45

relaxation factor
Hi all,

I have a problem with an unsteady simulation. during the simulation I follow progression of my different residual value in the graphic panel and I can see huge values. I tried to decrease the time step and under relaxation factors but nothing change. How can I solve this trouble? Thanks you.

Rüdiger Schwarze July 20, 2000 05:25

Re: relaxation factor
Can You give us more details (compressible / incompressible flow, mean velocity, characteristic lengths of the problem)?

rakib August 26, 2000 02:58

Re: relaxation factor
You can check the initial values you are using to initialize the problem. And of course, try to interprete the values in terms of the meaning of "residuals". Instead of inializing with "zero", check by using a very small value, e.g. 1.0e-09. Write back if it works.

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