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Hakeem July 24, 2000 11:17

Printing from GAMBIT
Hi all,

I have questions regarding printing from GAMBIT. 1) How to import the model (or part of it) that has been constructed in GAMBIT to Microsoft Word processor. 2) How to print out a hard copy of the Model from GAMBIT. 3) How to print out the windows from GAMBIT.

Thanks ...

Kai Kang July 25, 2000 12:03

Re: Printing from GAMBIT
choose printing to file option, with the right image format (ie, tiff).

Hakeem July 25, 2000 14:07

Re: Printing from GAMBIT
Dear Kai, Thanks for that piece of information. However, I know that but my question is, is there any other way of doing it. That is, how can I make my geometry and its mesh look like those in GAMBIT tutorials? As if I do it the way you mentioned I cannot change the colour. Moreover, when I printed out it is not clear.

So any help ??


Kai Kang July 25, 2000 14:43

Re: Printing from GAMBIT
Sorry, I did not read you question carefully.

In the geometry operation panel, under faces or volumes there is a change color function (the pie chart button) where you can change selected face/volume colors/shadings as well as associated mesh colors...

In the menu under parameter/Graphics, where a lot of imaging/graphics parameters can be set, such as background color for printing, or factors for display curved surfaces...

I always save it as Tiff images and print directly to the printer. Insert it into other program like Word will change the resolution, powerpoint is better than word for pictures...

You can choose any part(edges/faces/volumes) you want to display by the button on the lower right corner (which is mostly used to turn off mesh display) or changes any of there display mode (wire/shaded/hided).

Hope this helps

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