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Sebastien DANIEL July 25, 2000 08:25

permeable wall
Hi all,

For my simulation I need a permeable wall between 2 fluids. In fact I tried to use a wall with a source term but the result is not right. Which kind of boundary condition could I use to solve this issue? Interior , internal or other...

Where could I found a definition and a presentation of the different boundary condition available on fluent 5?

Thank for your help.


Rüdiger Schwarze July 25, 2000 08:45

Re: permeable wall
You can use the porous jump or the porous media conditions in order to define a permaeble wall.

Amadou Sowe July 25, 2000 09:20

Re: permeable wall
It looks like your approach requires the use of the porous jump boundary condition. You can change the interior zone you created to porous jump within Fluent 5. Another approach is to define your porous zone as a fluid zone and change this fluid zone to porous zone under the boundary condition pannel. I hope this helps.

Sebastien DANIEL July 25, 2000 10:30

Re: permeable wall
Hi all,

Thank you for your help.


Sandeep Abhyankar July 26, 2000 11:55

Re: permeable wall
Caution. Please make sure your flow across the porous jump face us more or less perpendicular to that face or else it can screw up the calculation, Porous zone and porous jump r two different things. Porous jump can be considered a 2d idealisation of a 3d flow phenomena through a porous zone (only when the vel thru this porous zone is unidirectional (more or less perpendicular to that face specified as porous jump) .! I had some problems with it before.

Sebastien DANIEL July 27, 2000 02:31

Re: permeable wall

Thank you for the tip. I will use porous jump because it is the thin separation between 2 fluid.



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