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SC HU July 26, 2000 00:38

Dear Sir:

Does the fluent (not Fidap) has the capacity of solving the governing equations in dimensaionless form? Where can I find the information in Fluent's associated manu/references. Is example available?



Jin-Wook LEE July 26, 2000 04:04

I think that every program(or commercial package) can be non-dimensionalized by your selection of velocity, characteristic length, related properties and so on.

Consider the situation of flow in the channel with,

Vin = 10 m/sec, height=2m/sec, length=20m/sec, rho=2kg/m3, viscosity=1.e-05kg/m-sec

You can set the problem by nondimensional form such as,

Vin = 1, height = 1, length = 10, rho = 1, viscosity = 1/Re = (4*10^6)^(-1)

This is nondimensional form. I have experience for the simulation of natural convection in the square cavity by nondimensional form, by Flotran/CFD. I could not find that FLOTRAN/CFD has the capability of solving the governing equations in dimensaionless form in the manual.

So, I think that every code has capability of solving the governing equations in dimensaionless form for most problems.

Hoping that it will be helpful to you. Sincerely, Jinwook

Sung-Eun Kim July 27, 2000 21:58

Unlike some research codes, most multiphysics-based, general-purpose CFD softwares adopt dimensional form of the governing equations. There are many reasons for that. But I think the issue of usability is a major one. And yet, as Jin-Wook pointed out, you can basically do what amounts to using non-dimensional form of the governing equations, by scaling (non-dimensionalizing) both dependent and independent variables and adjusting physical properties so that you have the desired non-dimensional numbers (Reynolds, Prandtl, Rayleigh, etc.).

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