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jy July 26, 2000 12:09

sequential batch run
I would like to run sequential batch run with fluent as:

fluent 2d -g -i > 01.out ; fluent 2d -g -i > 02.out ; fluent 2d -g -i > 03.out

but the command

fluent 2d -g -i > 01.out is equivalent to fluent 2d -g -i > 01.out & on my bourne shell, so it is simultaneous and not sequential, if only one licence is available: error message.

Any suggestions?

kind regards


ps: 'echo toto' and 'echo toto &' aren't on my system, only the fluent command does that.

Chris August 2, 2000 10:05

Re: sequential batch run
If you are on a unix system, the command you have should work. Make sure you don't have fluent aliased to something.

If you are on NT, use the -wait option on the command line to get the behavior you want.

jy August 2, 2000 11:41

Re: sequential batch run
Thanks a lot! wunderbar!


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