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Chris August 1, 2000 11:38

Axisymmetric grid
I want to run a simple compressible flow problem using an axisymmetric grid. The latter is constructed using Gambit. When I run the 2-D solver it refuses to import the meshed volume I created in Gambit on the grounds that it is 3 dimensional. For the life of me I cannot understand from the help-files how to build either a 2-D grid in Gambit or import a meshed volume as a 2-D grid.

This problem seems rather rediculous but it seems to have this magical power to eat up all my time!!! Help will be much appreciated.

Shyam Kishor August 1, 2000 14:24

Re: Axisymmetric grid
Gambit requires a 2d model to be in XY plane (Z = 0). So if || z || < 1e-4 every where, it will write a 2d mesh, else, a 3d mesh would be written.

You can "translate" the model in Gambit to make sure they are in XY plane. In case, your model is in XY plane but some of the points/nodes have || Z || > 1e-4, you can use one of the two option below to get a 2d mesh:

1) export a Gambit neutral file (solver = generic) and import this mesh file from a 2d solver

2) Scale down (move/copy form) the model in Gambit such that || Z || < 1e-4 every where. Now mesh exported would be 2d. Once read in solver, scale it up to the original size.

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