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oliver August 2, 2000 06:01

Axisymmetric Flow
Hi All

I am running Fluent 4.5, structured, and I'm using a ploynominal profile to import the coefficents, such that the various velocities profiles are approximated to a good degree. [i.e. Swirl & Axial]. However Fluent truncates the larger coefficents, when they go into the mega range.

Therefore how do I overcome this, as Fluent is not using the correct polynominal profile



John C. Chien August 2, 2000 20:37

Re: Axisymmetric Flow
(1). A cfd code I am using tends to give me additional random numbers. (2).When I input numbers such as 2200.0, it will right away change it into 2200.0023 or something like that. (3). But then, my son told me that recently he did some testing on a new operating system (program)and heard that there were already several thousands of bug identified to be fixed. I guess, those bugs are probably not critical, otherwise no one would be using it at all. (4). If you are not seeing it in the sample cases or the tutorials, it is likely that it is not going to work.(I should say that there is no guarantee that it will work. But then no one is offering the guarantee in industries for error free code. Well, if people are buying code with several thousands bugs in it, then it is meaningless to talk about the error-free code at all))

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