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jy August 10, 2000 09:39

udf compilation
Hello, I am contacting you for help concerning the makefile under windows NT for the Fluent5 compiled UDF with additional object files. I tried the following modification of the object line in 'makefile':

OBJECTS = $(UDF_OBJECT) $(SRC_OBJECT) additional.obj

which is simply the same modif as on UNIX where it is working: we add the list of additional object files.

The error message I get when running nmake is 'cannot find dfor.lib' and is related to the linking.

Under Unix we had to use the correct flags (-lm) when compiling and linking to allow access to external mathematical functions such as exp(), cos(), min, max...

It seems to me that we miss just a little modification on the linking part (path, or options) to make it work under NT with cl compiler. I would like to require your help on this matter.



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