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Jon Thorpe August 12, 2000 12:58

Convection Terms in UDF
I am trying to set up a UDF to solve for a scalar.

I want to set the convective flux term to be V.A (i.e. the dot product of the Velocity and the Area).

The default options in Fluent 5.1 (on an SGI) are 'none' and 'mass-flow rate' for the convective fluxes.

I cannot see how I can write a UDF (interpreted is fine) the takes the dot product of the velocity field and the area vectors. I assume that it is simple (one line), but I cannot see how to do it......



Rüdiger Schwarze August 14, 2000 09:41

Re: Convection Terms in UDF
First You have to write and to compile the udf. When You open the udf library, You can use the udf as flux function!

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