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sameer mohrir August 15, 2000 23:51

blade shape
Hello everybody

Can anyone tell me why shape (geometry) of axial compressor blades are more complex than Steam Turbine blades.

Sameer Mohrir

John C. Chien August 16, 2000 00:06

Re: blade shape
(1). I don't think so. (2). The pressure increases along the compressor path, at the same time, the Mach number decreases. So, it is sensitive to flow separation. (3). For turbine blades, the Mach number increases and the pressure decreases. So, relatively speaking, it is less sensitive to the flow separation. (4). Internal flow separation and prediction is still a very difficult subject.

sameer mohrir August 16, 2000 01:18

Re: blade shape
Hello John

Thanks for clarification

Sameer mohrir

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