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Chris August 17, 2000 05:22

Nastran/Patran exporting
I am exporting the results of an axisymmetric compressible flow problem as a Nastran or Patran file. Fluent does however not supply any file extensions. As a result it is difficult (OK, it is impossible!!) to get Nastran to read the files in a way that convinces Nastran to produce nice pictures. Since I am in the flow-pictures bussiness this is a problem. Advice will be appreciated.

John C. Chien August 17, 2000 20:14

Re: Nastran/Patran exporting
(1). Nastran is a structure analysis program. (2). Patran is a mesh generation program. (3). Fluent is a fluid dynamics (cfd) program. (4). These are three separate programs developed by three independent organizations. (5). Before Gambit,and geomesh, Fluent used to have the capability to import a Patran mesh file.

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