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Shadhanan Manickavasagar August 18, 2000 08:22

Undergraduate thesis project
Hi! I'm a third year undergraduate doing Aerospace engineering at The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia. Currently, I'm deciding on a final year project and have difficulties coming up with a topic. I am very interested in aerodynamics and CFD (FLUENT code).

Maybe yo guys with much more experience couild help me out?

I was thinking of something along the line "Estimation of aerodynamic load distributions on the ........... using CFD FLUENT code".


Regards Shad

John C. Chien August 18, 2000 20:23

Re: Undergraduate thesis project
(1). I do have an ideal project for you. It should be fun to study. (2). "3-D cfd analysis of supersonic concord aircraft stall behavior at subsonic take-off conditions" (3). The concord aircrafts have been around for almost 30 years, so you should be able to find some data associated with the aircraft. (4). The wing and fuselage are simple, smooth. So, the code should be able to handle it. (a good time to find out) (5). You can use the low speed module (incompressible) to sole the problem. So, it shouldn't take a lot of time to converge. (6). It is time to find out whether you are going to have trouble with the law of the wall treatment. (that is the only option you have) (7). At least you will learn the shape of a real aircraft, run a commercial code, find out whether you can crash land the aircraft. I mean, to simulate a stalled condition at subsonic take-off condition.(steady-state)

Shadhanan Manickavasagar August 19, 2000 05:31

Re: Undergraduate thesis project
Dear John,

Thank you for the suggestion. I'll discuss it further with my lecturer.

Regards Shad

Shadhanan Manickavasagar August 19, 2000 05:44

To John C. Chien
Dear John, you mentioned that since the concord has been around for some time, data about the aircraft should be available. Where can I get such data or is it classified. Some suggestions would be useful.

Regards Shadhanan

John C. Chien August 19, 2000 11:53

Re: To John C. Chien
(1). Handbook of world aircrafts, (2). Aviation Week and space Technology magazine. (3). American AIAA journals. (4). British Aeronautical journals. (5). Special publications related to the aircraft by book publishers. (6). Model airplanes. (7). Manufacture of the aircraft. (8). Photos of the aircraft. (9). If you can't find the wing shape definition, just put anything you like in the model. You said you are aerospace engineer,right? You are suppose to know how to design a wing,? (9). By the way, the wing is designed for supersonic Mach two condition. So, you can't use any subsonic wing shape. just remember that.

Shadhanan Manickavasagar August 19, 2000 22:59

Re: To John C. Chien
Dear John, Thank you once again for the information. Regards Shad

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