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Maurizio Barbato August 23, 2000 14:22

Reread Grid Files

does anyone know if it possible to reread a new grid on a already set fluent 5 case without loosing all the settings (properties, materials etc.)?

Thanks in advance for the help.



Ahmed Hassaneen August 24, 2000 03:34

Re: Reread Grid Files
per my little experience I believe you can do so but the only thing is you should 1- delete the old boundary condition 2- redefine the boundary conditions for the new grid. cheers

Volker Pawlik August 24, 2000 11:06

Re: Reread Grid Files
Use the new write/read boundary condition option of Fluent 5.4. It is very convenient. Beside boundary conditions, properties, solver settings, models etc. are saved and can be loaded afterwards into a new case. Only the zone names have to be equal or must be edited inside the bc-file which is fortunately in ascii-format.

Apurva Shukla October 18, 2000 06:45

Re: Reread Grid Files

It is possible to re-read the grid in fluent5.4 when case has already been set-up. Provided you have the same boundary conditions and edge and mesh structure. Let me put an example, you take a simple axi-symmetric pipe case, and set the boundary conditions as wall, axis and periodic (inlet/outlet). Now you set a case file in fluent. Save this case file, say "xyz.cas". Now if you wish to change the dimension of pipe, i.e. length and radius, make a new mesh (say "xyz.msh")in a way similar to previous mesh. Now to re-read the grid use the following text user interface in Fluent5.4

1. First read the case using the following command,

rc xyz.cas

2. Then read the grid using

fi reread-grid xyz.msh

The material properties, boundary condition extra will remain the same.

Try the above procedure and let me know, it worked for you or not.

Regards Apurva

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