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Shane Gillis August 25, 2000 23:56

movable volumes
Is it possible to have a movable face or volume in Fluent? I want to do an animation of an aircraft lifting off because the force under the wings is strong enough to overcome a set weight. In other words, I would create a volume of space to operate in, then a volume within that space that would be my craft. Then I would assign a density to that craft, and a velocity. What I want Fluent to do is move the craft upward as the force under the wings increases. Is this possible in Fluent?

Thank you.

Mulla August 27, 2000 00:35

same question in FIDAP too..
I am trying to model an oscillating sphere. IS there a method by which I can create this in gambit and access it in FIDAP 8.52 ?


Kai Kang August 28, 2000 12:47

Re: movable volumes
I've had a similar question: I want Fluent to compute (at each time step) the forces acting on a objects (this can be done through UDF). But to use this computed force to calculate velocity, the objects' movement and feedback into the program in not possible for Fluent, because the sliding mesh in Fluent only allows constant values for the volume movement.

If you don't mind, at least you could manually change that value or use a journal/macro command do the change after each timestep...

Shane Gillis August 28, 2000 12:50

Re: movable volumes
Thakn you, that is what I needed to know.

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