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Mehul Kinariwala August 27, 2000 06:12

Unsteady state modelling

I am a final year student of chemical engineering. I am working on unsteady-state modelling inside a stirred tank. But, unfortunately Mixsim only models steady state flows. On the other hand, Fluent does support unsteady-state modelling.

I want the basic governing equations for a stirred tank (including the unsteady terms) and methods used to solve them. Can someone let me know where I can find them.

Please help me as soon as possible.



Sung-Eun Kim August 29, 2000 19:02

Re: Unsteady state modelling
You can easily find unsteady NS or RANS equations in textbooks or literature on CFD. One nice thing about it is that the governing equations apply equally well to any types of mixing tanks ;)

FLUENT User's Guide briefly discusses the discretization schemes and solution algorithms used in FLUENT. If you don't have access to the User's Guide, please contct our local office in your country (check our web page).

Mehul Kinariwala August 30, 2000 01:26

Re: Unsteady state modelling
Dear Sung,

Thanks for your kind reply.

My project consists of simulating unsteady-state flow in a stirred tank. I have one more proposal. I suppose Fluent can handle unsteady state. If yes then is it possible to import a grid from mixsim and then apply unsteady boundary conditions using Fluent and then simulate the system?

Regards, Mehul

Lanre Oshinowo September 1, 2000 09:58

Re: Unsteady state modelling
MixSim DOES set up a transient mixing calculation. Review the Users Guide on modeling impeller motion using the sliding mesh model.

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