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Arturo Ortiz September 1, 2000 15:45

particles in a localized magnetic field
Hi all. I am trying to simulate a system in which charged particles are moving in a fluid and there exists a weak localized magnetic surface source. Then the particles will be affected by a normal component of the magnetic force, some will be atracted as they get close to the magnetic surface(and will be traped) and others that are released far in the flow field, will just escape. The system is very close to the magnetic painting of surfaces. I will have to write a UDF to represent the phenomena, but I do not know how to obtain the particle-magnetic source distance as well as the normal to the surface. I've read the UDF manual and I was not able not find any answer. Any hint will be very appreciated. Thanks

niko_04 March 10, 2010 11:26

i'm trying to do something similar. how do you do to get the particules to change its trayectory? I'm getting frustrated after all the tries and simulation I've done already!

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