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Shane Gillis September 4, 2000 19:45

more multiphase modeling questions
OK, I have the process of multiphase modeling down, no problem. I get good results with 2D analysis, but I am having problems with the 3D analysis. If I create a test case of a cube within a cube and subdivide it in such a way as to be able to mesh the entire volume with hex elements, I can get the system to solve and get good results. However, if I take a test case of a bullet shapped object (since my ultimate goal is to model a ship's hull passing through the water with the atmosphere present) and try to mesh it with hex elements, I can't get it to work. If I try with tet elements, the meshing works, but the system won't solve. Does anyone have any tips or know of any good web resources for Fluent/Gambit modeling/meshing/solving?

Thank you.

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