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jurek September 7, 2000 12:59

check of boundary conditions
Hy, how can I check my boundary-conditions exact ? If I give to a velocity-inlet for example 5 m/s I don't find them exact at postprocessing, only about 4.5 m/s up to 5.5m/s. Does fluent relax boundary-conditions ? or is the postprocessing not exact ? Jurek

Maurizio Barbato September 8, 2000 07:22

Re: check of boundary conditions
Hi Jurek,

did you plot cell centers or cell vertexes values?

I think the right values should be on the cell vertexes.



Glenn Brown September 12, 2000 07:36

Re: check of boundary conditions
FLUENT post-processes and shows boundary values, such as at walls, by interpolation/extrapolation from the cell centered interior solution. Thus, stationary walls, for instance, may show finite velocities.

I recently spoke to Amish Thaker, FLUENT Technical Support, about this and my desire to "verify" that the boundary condition I specified actually was interpereted correctly and used by FLUENT's solver. He provided me with a user defined function (UDF) for this purpose. Although I don't want to unleash a mass amount of telephone calls to Amish, he can be reached at 1-800-445-4454 (x640).

Jurek September 13, 2000 01:47

Re: check of boundary conditions
Isn't the UDF somewhere on a www-server ? If all fluent users call Amish Thaker he will do nothing but mailing the next days..

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