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AndyR September 7, 2000 14:04

Grid Generation

Does anyone know how to set boundary conditions on grids generated by Pro-Mesh (From the Pro-Engineer application). I can use gambit but since we use Pro-E to generate our 3D solid models I was hoping that Pro-Mesh would allow this. I export the mesh as ANSYS then import into Fluent but I cannot find a way to define the faces for the boundary conditions. Is there a way to define faces and apply the boundary conditions directly in Fluent,(version 5.1)? This would be a nice solution since the interface for importing Pro-E models directly into Gambit does not work under NT, only Unix. I can import IGES but then I am stuck with a lot of healing and re-modelling to restore the models integrity before I can mesh it. All this is very time consuming and since I am involved in commercial project work, I do not have the luxury of taking my time to generate models. If all else fails, are there any other mesh generators that will allow me to set boundary conditions that Fluent will recognise? I dislike using Gambit since I have been spoilt by proper 3D CAD modelling applications. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated,



Shyam Kishor September 11, 2000 15:01

Re: Grid Generation
You can export solid models from Pro/E using STEP. It could be imported in Gambit as real volumes. You should be able to mesh them directly, if the original model is clean.

Other option would be to import the "ANSYS" mesh in Gambit, and then use "Mesh Modify" feature of Gambit to retrieve topological faces from the mesh, for applying the desired boundary conditions.

AndyR September 12, 2000 15:22

Re: Grid Generation
Thanks Shyam, that is a bit cleaner than dealing with IGES - could you advise what other pre-processors are available that we could use with Fluent - I understan ICEM has something available.

Thanks again.


Shyam Kishor September 13, 2000 10:52

Re: Grid Generation
Yes, ICEM can be used with Fluent. I am not sure, whether or not it will allow you to set Fluent boundary conditions on the grids generated by Pro-Mesh, though.

David September 13, 2000 16:30

Re: Grid Generation

If you are having meshing problems with data from PROE then ICEM CFD will be the best tool for the job.

1. It has a direct CAD link to PROE, so no messing about with IGES as with other systems

2. ICEM unstructured meshing is very fast, one of the only systems on the market that doesn't need a surface mesh to start. Both surface and volume are automatic

3. ICEM structured meshing is also very fast, uses a unique approach to block modeling. A good tool if you require high grid quality for boundary layer meshing.

For more information see

Fill in the form on the contact page and we can set you up with a trail license.



John Chawner September 19, 2000 09:21

Re: Grid Generation
You might want to consider Gridgen which is compatible with both Fluent v4 and v5. Check out or email me for more info.

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