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minun September 20, 2000 04:07

udf 1) in win2000 2) some macros
1. I recently got UGM2000 materials about UDF. In that material, I found macros(functions or variables?) that I can't understand. Could anyone explain the meaining of followings to me?



C_UDSI_G(c,t,i), C_UDSI_M1(c,t,i) ..... (many more in "mem.h")

2. I failed to compile a udf source file on window2000 which is compiled successfuly on

NT4.0. Error message is rougly " spawn failed invalid argument..."

Harry October 8, 2000 13:25

Re: udf 1) in win2000 2) some macros
1) before i answer your question, i want to know your UDS. Please send me a copy 2. As far as i know, Fluent must be install on NT.

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