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Sandeep September 21, 2000 09:51

Flow Maldistribution
I need to quantify flow maldistribution in a vertical cylindrical geometry at a certain plane within the cylinder. I am interested in calculating standard deviation in vel. magnitude at a certain plane. How do i do this in fluent ?. Is there a way where in I can ask fluent to report vel. mag values at all nodes located at a certain plane

thanks in advance

Angus Duncan September 21, 2000 11:21

Re: Flow Maldistribution
I'm not sure if Fluent has this capability- I would normally write out the plane profiles of interest (File>Write>Profile) and then analyse the data in a spreadsheet package.


Jonas Larsson September 21, 2000 14:59

Re: Flow Maldistribution
I'd do the following:

1. Define the surface I'm interesting in as an iso-surface of a constant grid-coordinate.

2. Use the surface-average function to compute the average velocity on that that surface.

3. Define a custom-field-function to compute the standard-deviation.

4. Use the surface-integral function to integrate up the custom-field-function defined in 3.

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