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Filly September 28, 2000 00:33

need help,rotatary oscillating cylinder

I am a fluent newbie,can anyone can help me ? i want simulate 2D rotatary oscillating circular cylinder.but now i donnot know how to setup Mesh and fluent.

Please help me.

thanks in advanced

BÝrge Kvingedal September 28, 2000 04:02

Re: need help,rotatary oscillating cylinder
I think you should try to specify som more... How should i rotate? How would you like it to oscillate

filly September 28, 2000 09:03

Re: need help,rotatary oscillating cylinder
I am very glad to hear that you want to help me . I am a chinese. My english is very poorl.but i will try my best to explain this problem. I want to simulate viscous flow past an impulsively started rotating circular cylinder in a uniform stream. After this project, I want to simulate when circular cylinder rotatory oscillating around its axis .i want 500<Re<4000,and high alfa nubmer. I want to hear how to setup gambit to create grid, and how to setup fluent to simulate this problem.i am a newbie. thanks a lot.i search some sites,but cannot find useful information.if you know some useful sites,please tell me. if you can help me or give me some advise,i am very pleased.

Harry October 4, 2000 09:11

Re: need help,rotatary oscillating cylinder
see your fluent documentation. there's many example there, maybe you can use the rotating reference frame for your problem. OK??

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