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new here September 29, 2000 20:49

HP-UX installation
Hi all I'm trying to install fluent in a HP 720/80 under HP-UX 10.2. Everything was fine but when I tried to run the program it sent me some messages and refused to work. Does anybody knows why?. Fluent people told me to follow the instructions !!! ( I did it carefully of course) The errors displayed are:

/home/usr/yannik/Fluent.Inc/bin/fluent5[795]:/home/usr/yannik/Fluent.Inc/fluent[0-4]*/hpux10pa1: not found Error: directory ]:/home/usr/yannik/Fluent.Inc/fluent[0-4]*/hpux10pa1/dynamic* does not exist. The versions available in /home/usr/yannick/Fluent.Inc/bin are: [nd1-9]* not found

Thanks in advance


Lee,jangho October 26, 2000 21:54

Re: HP-UX installation
hi colleage.. i use HP715/75 unix W.S. at your error message. you have to chose the "hpux10pal" when you install the gambit .

1>chose the directory which you wantto 2> chose "Gambit 1.xx" 3> chose "hpux10pal" 4> yes.

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