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Chetan Kadakia October 3, 2000 05:37

Streamfuction spacing
I have obtained flow over an airfoil and plotted the velocity streamfunctions through the contours panel. But the spacing between each stream function is quite large, it's even greater than the airfoils thickness. I want to obtain several streamfunctions much closer to the airfoil so I can better see the vortices produced by the airfoil. Can anyone tell me how to change the spacing of the streamfunctions?

Jonas Larsson October 3, 2000 06:53

Re: Streamfuction spacing
Increase the number of countour-lines. I think that the maximum number of lines you can have is 100. If that isn't enough you can change the scale to only cover a particular region of interest.

Chetan Kadakia October 3, 2000 07:28

Re: Streamfuction spacing
How do I change this scale over a particular region?

SugIn October 5, 2000 08:04

Re: Streamfuction spacing
That sounds tough. Increasing contours to a max of 1000 is possible in Fluent 4.5. to my knowledge. Perhaps try user defined levels. Here you can specify the actual ranges opf values to be plotted. I'm not quite sure whether this would work for stram functions but I believe it deserves a try. Cheers

Chetan Kadakia October 5, 2000 09:34

Re: Streamfuction spacing
Within the window where I select the number of contours i am limited to 100. When you say "user defined levels" are you refering to this window?

SugIn October 5, 2000 10:53

Re: Streamfuction spacing
I'm not sure whether it is under the contours or vectors. But in the window where you variable to be plotted there is a box for "user defined levels". As soon as you check the box, a window comes up with all the levels that are plotted. You can change this and see whether it solves your problem.

Chetan Kadakia October 7, 2000 04:06

Re: Streamfuction spacing
I've answered my own question this evening. Within the contour panel, I deselected the "Auto Range" button and I changed the max and min values such that the range between the two is smaller. With the addition of increasing the number of levels the streamfunctions become defined in more detail. That is how I can now obtain more streamlines close to the airfoil.

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