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john October 3, 2000 09:53

Does anybody know how fluent accounts for view factor in radiation model? I'm modeling a hot particle approaching a cold plate and I have to consider radiation.what is the view factor for this problem?

Thanks , John

Evan Rosenbaum October 3, 2000 12:15

Re: radiation
I'm not sure that FLUENT can do this. I think it only does surface-to-surface radiation, which we have used and which works acceptably. The view factor between a moving particle and fixed plate will be constantly changing.

john October 3, 2000 13:23

Re: radiation
thanks Evan,I know view factor is changing with distance but do you have any idea how? thanks again, john

Evan Rosenbaum October 4, 2000 12:11

Re: radiation
Try looking at "", which has a large catalog of view factor equations. You should find one that matches your configuration.

john October 4, 2000 16:02

Re: radiation
thanks Evan, it was a great help!!

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