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Arturo Ortiz October 4, 2000 13:34

scalar equation
Hi all. I need to solve a scalar equation such as the following:

Ux dp/dx + Uy dp/dy + dp/dt = 0

In the udf manual there is one example but uses several non documented features that makes hard to understand and for my worse, in my system it does not compile. Also the DEFINE_NON_STEADY macro ( I guess must be used for transient terms) is not used in any example and has parameters I can't guess how to use.

I would ask somebody to provide an explanation and/or example on how to translate from paper-equation to C fluent and if possible how to implement the transient terms.

I know that maybe is too much to ask for, but it could make easier for newbies ( as me) this work.

Thanking in advance

Greg Perkins October 5, 2000 07:47

Re: scalar equation

I'll post some code soon for this - but give me a bit of time - things are very hectic at the moment.


Arturo Ortiz October 5, 2000 13:24

Re: scalar equation
thanks Greg I foresight your answer.

Harry October 8, 2000 12:36

Re: scalar equation
i have the same problem. please send a copy to me too Thank before Greg

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