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Pierluigi Allegro October 4, 2000 16:04

Sliding Mesh
Hi, I'm using sliding mesh to solve a 2d stator-rotor interaction with the blade meshed. I have defined stator rotor vane like moving mesh and stationary for the balde mesh. Solving the steady problem it works good, but in the unsteady problem, the blade doesn't move with the fluid ( obviously) . That's the reason why i defined the blade too as a moving mesh, but this cause a quick divergence due to strange temperatures in the blade (isothermal in the direction of the transport velocity). Any suggest is welcome.

Pierluigi Allegro

Whitaker October 9, 2000 02:29

Re: Sliding Mesh
You can find an example(Example 18, the last example) in FLUENT 5 tutorial which is exactly as the same as your problem. Why not follow this example to solve this problem?

Pierluigi Allegro October 9, 2000 15:09

Re: Sliding Mesh
It isn't the same problem! I have a mesh inide the blade that is not in the tutorial; this is the difference that causes the problem. Thank you.

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