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Hakeem October 6, 2000 17:21

creating coordinate system
Hi all,

I create geometry in gambit. My geometry is so simple. It is a sphere inside a box. Could anybody of you tell me how to create a spherical coordinate with origin at the sphere centre.


SugIn October 9, 2000 02:36

Re: creating coordinate system
Well, I think it can be done directly in Fluent. I have no experience using Gambit or preFBC, thats why I normally creat my geometries in Fluent. First creat a semi circle in 2D. Then extrude to 3D using manipulate-grid, 2D-3D. You must use cylindrical co-ordinates and there are some conventions about which axis is where. x-axis must be centre line or something. The box can be creatdedd using define-cells.

Kai Kang October 9, 2000 09:31

Re: creating coordinate system
under the TOOLS\coordinates, you can create spherical coordinates by specifying vertices, or by transformation of other coordinates...

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