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mikhail October 13, 2000 06:46

Hi !

Please,tell me : the DEFINE_INIT macro is called only after the initialization of a problem at the very beginning of the FLUENT session or it' s called at every time-step initialization ? Can I use this function to correct a physical property of fluid very time-step ?

Best wishes, Mikhail

Greg Perkins October 13, 2000 23:17

DEFINE_INIT should be called only when you press the Initialise option, ie. before any Fluent calcs.

To do your own calcs., at each iteration use the DEFINE_ADJUST routine which works in the same way, but is called at each iteration. If you only want to update after a time step, use the RP_Get_Real("flow-time") routine to determine a change in the current time. I think there's an example of this function in one of the tutorial/UDF manual.


Greg Perkins

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