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Hakeem October 14, 2000 11:28

Meshing curved corner for FLUENT 4

I am using GAMBIT to create a mesh for a volume. This volume is basically a cube with 7 normal and one as sphere octane (one-eighth a sphere) curved inward.

The solver I would use is FLUENT 4.5. I mentioned the solver as I managed to mesh it using T-Grid scheme which cannot be employed in FLUENT 4.

Any suggestion would be appreciate

David October 14, 2000 15:36

Re: Meshing curved corner for FLUENT 4

Fluent 4 as you know is a fully structured solver. Fluents pre processor, GAMBIT, is an unstructured mesher.

I would have a look at ICEM CFD HEXA which is designed for structured meshing. Have a look at:



Shyam Kishor October 16, 2000 18:29

Re: Meshing curved corner for FLUENT 4
You need to create a structured mesh for Fluent 4.5. David's comment about Fluent 4 being fully structured solver is correct. I can not say the same for his comments about GAMBIT though.

GAMBIT is a state-of-the-art preprocessor with a comprehensive set of highly-automated meshing tools to ensure that the best mesh is generated, whether structured, multiblock, unstructured or hybrid. T-Grid scheme is to be used for automated tetrahedral meshing and for hybrids with prism layers and automatic pyramid transitions between hex and tet elements. Meshing schemes that can create a structured hex mesh in GAMBIT include MAP, SUBMAP and COOPER. Please note, while cooper tool is ideally suited for multiblock unstructured hex mesh with automatic domain decomposition, can also be used to create structured hex mesh (will require source faces to be mapped).

In this case, you may split the volume along middle of the curved section (by bringing a brick there), and then mesh each volume with MAP to have the structured hex mesh. Please see the GAMBIT documentation or contact your local support engineer for further details about using different meshing tools of GAMBIT.

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