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Shengping LUO October 19, 2000 05:10

Run Fluent in batch mode

I need to run Fluent calculation on a remote parallel machine in batch mode without interactive graphics. On the guide of that machine it is told to submit the job like this:

fluent 2d -t 1 -g -pvmpi -i run_blower > out.3_1

but with -i option the fluent read in the journal file and it gave me some error messages in that file. I tried to find out in the FLUENT user manual how to submit a job in batch mode but I couldn't. Can anyone of you tell me how to let the fluent read in my case file and then do the calculation without my interference? With the "fluent -help" command I cann't find any option for this. Thanx a lot for your feedback in advance.

Best regards,

Shengping LUO

Clinton Lafferty October 19, 2000 12:00

Re: Run Fluent in batch mode
The command your using is one way to do the batch job. I typically leave out the -pvmpi. Depending on your version of fluent (v5.3 shown below), the batch should look something like this for a steady run.

file read-case-data your casename q solve iterate 1000 q file write-case-data , y q exit

Shengping LUO October 24, 2000 05:42

Re: Run Fluent in batch mode
Hi Clinton,

Thank you for your reply. I tried your method but it doesn't work. I am working on a IBM SP2(207 processors) running MPI, I should submit my job using their LSF (Load Sharing Facility). I found some help on the Online help of Fluent(5.3):

"The file inputfile can be a journal file created in an earlier FLUENT session, or it can be a file that you have created using a text editor. In either case, the file must consist only of text interface commands (since the GUI is disabled during batch execution). "

I am now trying according to their example. Thank you for your feedback.

Best regards,

Shengping LUO

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