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Prateep Chatterjee October 20, 2000 14:14

Time Steps ?
Is it possible to have different flow and reaction time steps in a case ? I'm using Fluent 5.3, single step CH4-Air finite rate chemistry, laminar flow, convective losses to the atmosphere from the geometry and radiation. I need to have variable time steps because chemical and flow time scales in case of laminar flows are many orders of magnitude different.

Greg Perkins October 22, 2000 18:46

Re: Time Steps ?

if you get anywhere with this, please let me know. I have a similar problem with a chemical reaction in porous media.



A. Hassaneen October 23, 2000 04:39

Call for Maurizio Barbato
Maurizio, Please try to answer when you have time to read the above message.

Maurizio Barbato October 24, 2000 04:41

Re: Time Steps ?
Hi Prateep,

this is a very tough problem. I had to face it with an internal combustion engine where the time step I was using was limited by the chemistry (I was forced to use even 1.0e-7 seconds !). Using a time step "too" long combustion just became an explosion and temperatures went to the hell. Some time strong under-relaxation helped me, but was some rare occasion. In general I think that, unless you set up a sistem to make inner iterations for the chemistry, these phenomena will be the limit for the time step. I know that this means to wait for years in front to your screen, but up to now with Fluent I didn't succeded in having a different solution.

May be this is a challenge to rise for the Fluent people.



A. Hassaneen October 24, 2000 06:25

Re: Time Steps ?
Maurizio, I think that Prateep needs to know how (technically) he can change the time step during calculation at certain time, am I correct Prateep?.

Prateep Chatterjee October 24, 2000 11:35

Re: Time Steps ?
Hi Maurizio & Hassaneen !

You are right Hassaneen. I'd like to know if I can have two independent time steps in Fluent. Like 10^-7 s for the chemistry and 10^-2 s for the flow. This way I can solve the species and energy eqns separately and couple them to the momentum and continuity after every 10^-2 s.

I hope there is a way of doing it, perhaps by writing a UDF. Maurizio, at the moment I'm using a large time step of 10^-4 s and it takes me days to get a solution out (unsteady 1 s data for a FFT). Also, yesterday I tried using 10^-5 s and found that the results come out to be quite different. The selection of the time step has been a headache. On one hand getting results out fast is of paramount importance (otherwise the advisor is not happy!), and on the other hand accuracy is lost.

Thanks anyways.


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