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Michele Cagna October 21, 2000 02:57

hybrid mesh around a stator

I'm trying to generate a hybrid mesh on hub, tip and stator of an axial-flow low-speed compressor. I've created a triangular surface mesh using Ideas. I'm using TGrid V 3.1.0 to create the prisms in the boundary layer and fill in the rest of the domain with tetrahedra. The wall zones defining the boundary-domain are inlet, outlet an periodic.

When generating the prisms TGrid projects the new created nodes to the periodic-zone. After triangulating the periodic-zone TGrid trys to regenerate the shadow-zone but exits. The error reported is:

Regenerating shadow for zone side1-tri. 1987 triangular faces created in new zone side1-tri-shadow.

Error: Mesh corrupted at c211533 merging bn3831 - bn3831. Error Object: #f

I have no idea how to solve this problem. Can somebody help me?

pj October 24, 2000 15:41

Re: hybrid mesh around a stator
The problem is caused by unmatched faces on the periodic boundaries. Try to include the periodic boundaries when growing prizms.

Michele Cagna October 25, 2000 09:12

Re: hybrid mesh around a stator
Thank you for answering.

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