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Mike Thai's son October 23, 2000 11:23

3D,Solid-Liquid simulation in stirred tank
Hi friends,

I am new in CFD but I am working with 3D simulation of mixing-tank bioreactor with 2 phases involved for the moment(water as fluid and beads as solid and the initial solid vol fraction is about 0.3)(3-phase simulation are waiting to be solved afterward).My system have 2 radial impeller with no buffle.

I used Eulerian(granular) multiphase model to investigate the suspension of beads(solid particles)by turn on the time-dependence option...... At first ,I run the simulation with Multi-reference frame(MRF). After getting the converged solution.....I check the average value of solid vol appeared to be about zero( instead of about 0.3) which look weird.

But,then, I find the limitations of the Eulerian Multiphase model that it cannot be used with sliding or deforming meshes.(from fluent user's guide vol.2 page9-5 )

My question is..... Is the fixed velocity( as an impeller model instead of MRF or sliding mesh) become the only way I can use to deal with my simulation ??....(according to limitation I mentioned) Any more suggestion are gladly welcome.

Thank you in advance.

Mike Thai's son

commonyue June 25, 2010 09:23

Hi, i am also working on two phase simulation now (water and glass beads),I think u can use the SG method for your simulation,but using MFR can get you steady state result, if the volume fraction is 0 instead of 0.3 using MFR, maybe there is something wrong with other parameter setting, not due tot the MFR method?...

Hope you will figure it out...


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