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Jurek October 24, 2000 13:02

Hy, I heard of a special data-format for cfd. It is called CGSN or something like this. It should be an interface between cfd-programs in general. Do you know of it ? Where can I find more informations about it ? Does fluent handle it ?

Jonas Larsson October 24, 2000 13:11

CGNS (CFD General Notation System) is a standard for storing CFD data developed by Boeing and NASA. The project had early support from commercial companies like ICEM CFD. I think that Fluent has been observing the developments from the side-line up until recently. However, now CGNS seems to become a standard and I think Fluent has also started to move in this area, but I'm sure that someone from Fluent can give you better details on that. I think that they plan support for CGNS in their upcoming releases though (Fluent 6 etc).

CGNS could be *very* useful for us CFD users!

You can find more information about CGNS on the web at

Sung-Eun Kim October 31, 2000 18:27

FLUENT 5.5 planned to be releases December supports CGNS format. FLUENT 5.5 will allow you to:

- Import mesh file written in CGNS format into FLUENT - Export FLUENT data in CGNS format

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