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Finian Moore October 25, 2000 08:24

Keel modelling
Hi. I'm new to Fluent (I'm using Fluent 5), and I'm trying to run a 2D model of a fin keel. I've set up a simple symmetrical fin, in a 'tunnel', with parallel sides. The fin is at 0 deg of attack,with a velocity inlet and a pressure outlet, and the model seems to run fine. However, if I use the 'Monitor' function to look at lift coefficients on the fin, I get huge (circa 120000!) values. The speeds I'm using aren't very large, around 10m/sec. I know these values can't be right, does anyone know what I've missed? Thanks in advance.

Jack Keays October 25, 2000 09:44

Re: Keel modelling

Have a look at report-->reference values. These are, I think, used in the calculation of CL..change the reference length etc. to get a answer.


John C. Chien October 25, 2000 13:25

Re: Keel modelling
(1). The code is still not smart enough to know your definition of the lift coefficient. Set the reference parameters first and check to see whether the code is using your definition.

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