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Hakeem October 30, 2000 17:43

Far field BCs for incompressible fluids
Hi all,

My problem is straightforward (I guess!). I have an object (say sphere) in the centre of a domain (say box) representing an unconfined fluid. The front face of the box is the inlet, so the boundary can be easily assigned.

The other faces should be assigned far field conditions such that they do not constraint the fluid motion.

As I understood that one way is to make the derivatives of the velocity components w.r.t. the direction normal to the flow = 0. Mathematically dV/dx = 0 where V = V (Vx, Vy, Vz). The fluid is incompressible.

The solver that I am using is Fluent 5. How to implement this?

Does anybody have another way of doing it? And how to solve in Fluent 5.

Any suggestions would be appreciated Yours

John C. Chien October 31, 2000 00:17

Re: Far field BCs for incompressible fluids
(1). You may want to check the code to see if the far-field condition is one of the option you can select. (2). It is something a friend of mine used to solve his transonic problem over an object, a couple of years ago. (3). I am not sure whether it is still there in the current version. (also I don't know how it is implemented)

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