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Adel Ataki November 3, 2000 11:04

Boundary conditions for two phase flow
Hi every one, I am a new user of Fluent and need help! My goal is to simulate multiphase flow in which the interfacial area is in my first interest. The two fluids must introduce to the domain from one inlet and leave the domain from one outlet. Or they would be introduced to the domain in countercurrent modus. The gravity and the surface tension must be included in the solution. My quistion: What kind of boundary conditons should I difine for the outlets if I have a velocity inlets for the two fluids?

Every answer is appriciated

best regards Adel Ataki

ronny November 6, 2000 18:35

Re: Boundary conditions for two phase flow
I think maybe outlet flow is OK.

Adel Ataki November 9, 2000 05:24

Re: Boundary conditions for two phase flow
Hallo ronny, at first thank you for your answer. If I choose an outflow for every phase, I should give a value for the Flow Rate Weighting! will this Flow Rate Weighting be calculated for every phase or it includes the total flow of two fluids? best regards Adel Ataki

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