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Lisa S November 4, 2000 03:38

Catalytic bed
hi guys, i am trying to simulate a partially packed bed (catalyst).how can i define the packed area. do i have to use the porous alternative in fluent or some other method. HELP ME GUYS.

Ning Yang November 4, 2000 06:46

Re: Catalytic bed
If you use fluent4.5, you can try to use "patch" command to define the initial conditions of volume fraction of solid.

Graham November 5, 2000 17:10

Re: Catalytic bed
Since you likely cannot resolve the solid surfaces, you will have to use a porous media model for momentum sources, and a UDF for species sources due to catalysis.

Sugen Chetty November 6, 2000 07:40

Re: Catalytic bed
Hi Lisa.

No Clue for the reaction. Have modelled porous media before. You will need to calculate permeability in all directions and inertial resistance. equations are given in Fluent manual. Then run simulation and check pressure drop. However, it must be remembered that the flow patterns are not affected by the poruous region but the momentum is. i.e. region is treated as a momentum sink only.


arturo November 7, 2000 11:36

Re: Catalytic bed
There is also a metod using an eulerian approach, everything depends in what are you going to simulate. Maybe if you post some details it could be easier to give some opinion.


Jin-Wook LEE November 12, 2000 20:35

Re: Catalytic bed
Dear Sugen

Flow pattern is strongly affected by the porus region, especially when resisitance is strong.

You can test it by the following procedure.

1. Define 'fluid zone' at GAMBIT. 2. Define Boundary Condition at Fluent --> activate porus zone --> change viscous resistance and/or inertial resistance.

In general, flow becomes uniform as fluid passes the porus region, when resistance along the every direction is same.

It might be helpful to you.

Sincerely, Jinwook

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