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Rome November 8, 2000 21:34

Doubt with fluent
Hi, I am a new user of Fluent. I do not know how to analyse the residual graph after iteration whether the result I have is true or not.

Any answer is appreciated!

Ron November 9, 2000 09:25

Re: Doubt with fluent
The residual graph will aid you in judging whether or not your solution has converged.

It will not tell you if what you simulated is correct or not. Just because your residuals drop to an expected limit or level, does not mean that your solution is true or correct. It just means that you have reduced the error in the conservation equations to an acceptable level.

Fluent has some nice features for monitoring Engineering quantities on key surfaces.

You can do the following using the GUI to get there:


Choose a surface in your model (inlet, outlet, etc..) and choose a quantity which you have a good idea about an expected value (mass flow, pressure, etc.). You can monitor the quantity of interest as the solution progresses.

When you are happy with the value of the quantity you are monitoring, and your residuals are at an acceptable level, then you can feel good about your solution.

Have fun.


Max November 17, 2000 11:52

Re: Doubt with fluent
Ron, do u know about residual?please refer to the discussion topic" residual" and reply to my doubt.TQ very much.


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