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Dan November 14, 2000 11:19

Help on careers in CFD
I am a student currently at Leeds university. I have begun a project in my third year which uses Fluent and Gambit v1.3.

I intend to model helical flow within a pipe using two-phase flow by the end of this academic year to asist in the design of a product for industry.

I am however looking for companys/contacts which may be able to offer training in the field of CFD for the forthconing summer.

Any help?


Clinton Lafferty November 21, 2000 00:03

Re: Help on careers(training) in CFD
When I started my graduate research project, I had little idea what CFD would really do or not do. Pre-processors, solvers, and post-processors topic seemed a bit advanced for someone whos numerical experience had been limited to MATLAB. I would recommend one of the introductory books and jumping into FLUENT with one of the examples. Most of the introductory trainning courses focus on running the software, which the examples do anyway, so no need to waste the time and money. As you are learning, try to work with examples that have validation data. A lot of factors can influence your results with time you see which ones effect your project the most.

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