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Finian Moore November 15, 2000 05:15

Pressure forces
Hi! I'm currently modelling flow around a large rectangular plate, in 2D. The plate is set at 0deg angle of attack. In this configuration, I expected the Lift coefficient to be zero. Having plotted Cl, it came out at around 2e-07, which is pretty close! Is this as close as it will get? My problem is that when I do a force report on the upper and lower sides of the plate, I get a difference in pressure force of around 300n. The viscous forces do cancel out, however. I have specified a point on the midpoint of the blades surface for the force vector. I would have expected there to be close to 0 total pressure force on the plate,due to symmetry-can anyone suggest what I may have done wrong? Thanks for your time. Finian

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