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Volker Pawlik November 17, 2000 06:15

surface-creation on 1 of 2 overlapping fluid zones
Hello Fluent community,

due to simplifications i.e. shortening of pipes of a domain to save cells I now have an overlapping grid.

Imagine three pipes connected by two 180 turns which leads to that the third pipe is parallel to the first. At the end of the third pipe is a box whose dimensions are bigger than the pipe field. Due to the fact that the last pipe is shorter than the others the box, the first, and the second pipe are overlapping.

It is no problem for the solver but for postprocessing: Creating a surface always cuts both zones (pipes and box). For surfaces on which only velocity vectors shall be displayed it is possible to bound it to the acoording interior-zone. But displaying a filled contour-plot on such a surface just gives a contour coloured grid

Does anyone know a trick how to tell fluent to create the surface only for one of the two overlapping zones?

Thanks in advance


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