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Hakeem November 19, 2000 15:41

reversed flow
Hi everyone, When I simulate my problem using FLUENT 5 the following message appears: reversed flow in 8 faces on outflow. What does this message mean ? how to go about it? Any suggestions

alice November 20, 2000 05:31

Re: reversed flow

this means that you have a backflow effect in those faces. If you want to control this phenomenon, you have to choose pressure outlet instead of outflow as boundary condition.

Good luck


Petr November 21, 2000 11:11

Re: reversed flow

Alice is right, but I would also recommend to look at your model if the outlet boundary is situated at suitable location. You should avoid backflow in any case (problems with convergence, difficult control of the fluid flowing into your solution domain through the outlet especially in the case of unsteady flow, etc.). Try to move the outlet to a more suitable place!

Hakeem November 22, 2000 10:01

Re: reversed flow - thanks
Thanks alice and Petr ... I sorted out ...

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